Basic Tools you Need to Start your Plumbing Business

Planning to start your own plumbing business? Here are some must-have tools of the trade to get your business up and running.

Plumbing tools with fittings

Plumbing is an evergreen business, there are always leaking taps and broken pipes to be fixed, provided you get the gig. And to get the gig you will need the tools to tackle any situation. That brings us to these common tools that every plumber needs.

Basic Tools

Pipe Wrench

Wrenches at this point have become the plumbers’ iconic tool. That is how much they are of use to the plumber. A pipe wrench in particular is specifically designed to grip and turn pipes. The difference between a pipe wrench and other adjustable wrenches is the jaw. The pipe wrench’s jaw is serrated, giving it an excellent grip allowing it a firm hold over pipes.

Pipe Wrench

While this alone should help you tackle everything, it helps to have an Adjustable wrench aka Monkey wrench to deal with unforeseen situations. A Basin wrench is helpful when you have to fix stuff in confined places where it is hard to use your regular wrench. It will also not hurt you to remember that these wrenches are lighter than Pipe wrenches.

Teflon tape

Plumbers don’t leave home without this. Teflon tape aka the plumber’s tape is used every time the threading of a pipe is turned. It is inexpensive and makes an excellent sealant.

Teflon Tape

4-way utility key

This 4-way key can be used for faucets, spigots, valves, and more. You could use a wrench to do what this does, but this is easier and lighter to use.


Screwdrivers are essential for all handymen, plumbing is no exception. A long and sturdy flathead screwdriver, a screwdriver set, and a small screwdriver like a Stubby screwdriver should cover all your angles.

Screw Driver

Drain Snake

They are excellent for unclogging drains indoors, you can always try using a Plunger before resorting to using the snake. For harder cases, you could use a Drain Auger which is a heavy-duty version of the Drain Snake.

Drain Snake


Pliers will help you do a lot of things like gripping pipes, pulling out caps, and such. Basic pliers in combination with the other tools should get you through any job that you land. In addition to these Channellock or Pump pliers could make your work easy.



Whenever you need to cut down pipes this is a valuable tool to have. They come in various sizes, so find the right sized one suitable for your needs. You will also need to have the right blades for the job at hand because you will be dealing with both metal and plastic pipes of various thicknesses.


Pipe Cutter

While you can brute force your way with a Hacksaw, having a piper cutter makes cutting pipes much more easier. They also give you clean cuts other than making it quick. While there are a variety of pipe cutters to pick from, Ratchet piper cutters are the most popular type.

Pipe cutter

Pipe Threader

After cutting pipes you will have to join them, and for that you need threads. A Piper threader is essential to cut threads on pipes. Once again, Ratchet pipe threaders are a great choice to start with.

Emery Cloth/File

It is advisable to carry around an Emergy cloth roll or a set of files to smoothen edges after cutting pipes. This is especially useful when dealing with metal plumbing.

Emery Cloth

Hole Saw

Hole Saws are drill attachments that are used to cut out circular holes perfectly on a variety of surfaces like wood, walls, floors, ceilings, and even pipes. To use this you will need a compatible drill gun that is able to produce the necessary torque to run this effectively.

Hole Saw

Other Essentials

Plumber’s putty: You will need this to seal faucets and drains.
Pencil/Crayon: To mark out points and measurements.
Measuring Tape: To make accurate measurements.
Washers: You can’t expect the client to have these, so it is better to carry some of varying sizes with you.
PVC Solvent: Necessary when joining together PVC pipes.
Software tool: For invoicing, payments, and scheduling.

These are some of the most basic tools that you will need to get your journey as a plumber started. Completing a few gigs will give you an accurate idea with which you can further streamline your tool selection.