Create Custom Packages For Your Business With Our Marketplace Feature

Create Custom Packages For Your Business With Our Marketplace Feature

For those not familiar with Workbell, it is a free business management tool. Calling it a business management tool would be a serious understatement considering the kind of features it offers. With Workbell business owners can easily keep track of their jobs and manage their clients, teams, and payments from anywhere (provided they have access to the internet), with a few simple clicks.

Schedule and dispatch your team while being in contact with them through the platform. Never miss an appointment again with easy-to-set reminders. Keep your clients in the loop with the custom notifications and reporting features.

Invoicing is the most sought-after feature by all kinds of businesses and professionals. It has become a constant chore to find free invoicing software that does not pester the users to pay up after baiting them with a free for a limited time software disguised instead as completely free software.

This is where Workbell is changing the status quo, and leveling the playing field for small businesses. Invoicing is bundled with the previously mentioned features, and it is free too, like every other feature on the app.

Marketplace Feature

Businesses could previously list their service through the online booking feature of the platform. Their prospective customers would then get estimates from the business and then book the service. The major problem here is the lack of instant information. The customers would have no clue regarding the pricing of the particular service in question. They would have to ping the business, wait for their reply and then get the estimate before even considering the service.

This is the customer’s side of the problem, meanwhile, the businesses even after providing estimates are not hundred percent guaranteed to land the job. If the customer did not like the estimate they would simply get another estimate from some other business.

The solution to both these problems is The Marketplace feature. This feature allows the business owner to create custom packages and list them under their services.

workbell marketplace user interface

A pest control business owner for example could provide a pest control service for a 2BHK apartment at Rs.6000, the owner can similarly add multiple other packages targeting different settings with varying prices.

Now if a customer checks that business owner’s service they would see a list of packages offered by the business owner and select the one they want.  This way the business owner has increased chances of landing a gig. In case the customer needs a customized service they could always get an estimate directly from the owner. With this both the business owner and the customer are satisfied.

Always Improving

Workbell is constantly innovating and improving, it seeks to provide the best of the latest technology to help nurture small businesses. This is not our first game-changing feature, nor will it be our last. We will constantly find ways to improve this platform, as a matter of fact, we are doing so right now.

Business management has never been this easy, join us in our journey toward building a better business ecosystem.